Dilip Tikle is the perfect blend of technology and management having worked in the streams like Research and Development, plant and machine automation, green field education institutes, Hi-Tech technology and IT Infrastructure Design just to name a few. He is an ICT advisor to many leading corporate like Universal Insurance, Winsome Diamond, ParthInfotech, Virtual Schools India, etc. At UNITES, he is responsible for strategy, business development and relationships.

About our Culture and our people

At UNITES, we believe in our people as individuals & as a team. Our people are the backbone of our business. We believe in team work as collaboration stimulates innovation. We believe our values define who we are as a company and as employees of UNITES. Our employees have a passion for excellence and integrity and a strong desire to work as one. The common thread to everything we do, is our experience-driven understanding of how and what our clients want us to deliver.